Presentations & Publications:

  • "What is a Clinical Case?" with Anne Worthington, CFAR, London (8th April 2017).
  • "Form & Transformation in Analysis" with Tamara Dellutri & Luca Bosetti, CFAR, London (18th March 2017).
  • "The Mother Tongue & The Foreign", with Tamara Dellutri & Luca Bosetti, CFAR, London (16th November 2016).
  • “Symptom Formation in Neurosis: Two Notes to Jenny Aubry”, with Colin Wright, CFAR, London (2nd July 2016).
  • “Guilt in the Neuroses: The Negative Therapeutic Reaction”, with Gwion Jones and Christos Tombras, CFAR, London (13th February 2016).
  • “Desire and Theatre”, with Luca Bosetti & Tamara Dellutri, CFAR, London (31st October 2015).
  • “How did Lacan practise?”, CFAR Public Seminar, London (23rd May 2015).
  • “Ferenczi’s Confusion of Tongues and Sexual Trauma”, with Luca Bosetti & Gyorgyi Koman, CFAR, London (10th January 2015).
  • Valendinova, K. “O objeto queimante: psicose e testemunho,” Estudos de Psicanálise, 41, 2014.
  • “D’ailleurs: la psychanalyse outre-manche”, presentation at the Cercle Freudien, Paris (21 May 2014).
  • “The Open Dialogue Approach to treatment of Psychosis”, presentation at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, London (8 March 2014).
  • Valendinova, K. “L’objet brûlant: psicosi et testimonianza.” In Cimatti, F & Luchetti, A. (Eds.) Corpo, linguaggio e psicoanalisi, Macerata: Quodlibet, 2013, p. 207-218.
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  • “Moments of Collapse: Schreber with Primo Levi,” paper given at the Psychoanalysis, Culture, Society conference at Middlesex University, London (11 June 2011).
  • “L’Objet brûlant, psychose et témoignage,” paper given at the Corpo, linguaggio e psicoanalisi conference at Università della Calabria, Cosenza, Italy (20-22 May 2011)
  • “The Burning Object: psychosis and testimony,” paper given at the Possibilities of the New: The Subject of Truth in Psychoanalysis conference at Cornell University, Ithaca NYC (22-23 April 2011).
  • “The Pathological Drive,” presentation at the Arts/Philosophy/Psychoanalysis Transdisciplinary Seminar, The American University of Paris (October 2008).